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Joses Gourmet Coffee
Joses Gourmet Coffee Direct Impact
Gaviña Direct Impact, our corporate initiative, promotes sustainability practices in every aspect of our business decisions focused on four core pillars: Dedication to Farmers, Sustainable Sourcing, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Stewardship.

Improving the livelihood of small coffee farmers at origin. We provide sustainable farming assistance, community infrastructure development, education, and healthcare programs to help our farmers become more self-reliant.

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Promoting the long-term supply of sustainable coffee. We work with partners to procure sustainably grown and ethically traded coffee and offer our customers premium coffee that is certified as Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA or USDA Organic.

Rainforest Alliance
Joses Gourmet Coffee Sustainable Sourcing

Preserving our environment through corporate sustainable stewardship. We focus on six core areas to continually improve our operational efficiencies and minimize the environmental impact of our business: Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation, Pollution Prevention, and Climate Protection.

Environmental Sustainability
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Respecting people and giving back to the community. We support over 300 charities and organizations globally and locally to increase community access to healthcare and educational programs, and encourage young people to be future leaders in sustainability. We hope to create a more promising future for you and our future generations.

Help For The Hungry
Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
SusanG Komen For The Cure
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